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Our first fears of Middle Eastern energy dependence...



I want real musical boundary breaking...

How about:

Jack + Justin + Timbaland

Pharrel + Zooey Deschanel

Bjork + Dolly + ?Love

Lil Wayne + Jamie Cullum

[Thanks for the help, ElefantEar]


Promo tour

Hillary Clinton, on a promotional tour for her new perfume and body spray line, stops in Iraq to meet her fans.

At a press conference event, she was quoted as saying, "Iraqi women know what empowerment means. Blowing yourself up in the name of religion takes the kind of self-assurance, commitment, and ever-present threat that Authorite is all about. We could all learn something from them."


Blow yourself..up

It's our fault. The vacuum of power in Iraq is, without any question, our fault.

But six years later, is it still our problem?

According to an Iranian cleric, the US is failing to maintain security in Baghdad. Well...really?

As my beloved Poke says, "People have been fighting over this shit since ancient times, dog."

I challenge the Iraqis to realize the following:
- Strong secular leadership.
- A government structure that provides vehicles for sectarian debate.
- Legal and social systems that give religious groups the freedom to practice whatever behaviors they choose, without inhibiting the choices of all citizens.
- Judicial and enforcement systems that consistently demand accountability from religious leaders whose followers make policy by social violence and disruption.
- Investment in social and educational infrastructure, even supporting those sects which choose to criticize the freedoms given to their fellow citizens.
- Independence from Western influencers.
- Global and regional role in furthering these principles, thereby reducing the polarizing political disagreements that result in armed conflict.


SNL here he comes!

Ben Bizuneh is one of my T101 students, and the kid is a f#@king madman. I mean that in the best possible way.

[Watch and vote for him here.]


Greased lighting!

[Sorry, MMH, too awesome not to pass along.]

I do not Appologize

Shout out to Lady Winchilsea:

'Tis true I write and tell me by what Rule
I am alone forbid to play the fool
To follow through the Groves a wand'ring Muse
And fain'd Idea's for my pleasures chuse
Why shou'd it in my Pen be held a fault
Whilst Mira paints her face, to paint a thought
Whilst Lamia to the manly Bumper flys
And borrow'd Spiritts sparkle in her Eyes
Why shou'd itt be in me a thing so vain
To heat with Poetry my colder Brain?
But I write ill and there-fore shou'd forbear
Does Flavia cease now at her fortieth year
In ev'ry Place to lett that face be seen
Which all the Town rejected at fifteen
Each Woman has her weaknesse; mind indeed
Is still to write tho' hopelesse to succeed
Nor to the Men is this so easy found
Ev'n in most Works with which the Witts abound
(So weak are all since our first breach with Heav'n)
Ther's lesse to be Applauded than forgiven.

[And to The Roots, of course]

Where it all began

King Saud ibn Abd al-Aziz Al-Saud likes Ike.


I touch my self...

I see this

And it makes me think of this

[btw, fuck YOU Capitol Records "embedding disabled upon request"]

Tomoko Hayashi
, the mind behind this inanity, is subtly brilliant.

Universal air conditioning

Sweet! Looks like the sun is going to save us from our environmental irresponsibility!

The "coldest" sun in a hundred years will likely lead to a mini ice-age, as it did in the 1600s.


The end is near

Lisa's realization is followed by the actual best part of the episode - she takes an Ignorital pill and sees smiley faces everywhere. [At 12:12]

Technologic Magic

LMAO Kyle!


Yo baby

Props Sarah!

Cory vs Obama vs JayZ

Yay T101 student Cory Crocker!

[I guess keeping your mouth wired shut for a month or two really got you fired up to have your say.]


Play money

I had the pleasure of working with Anthony Gilmore, the writer/producer/director of Play Money (and previously "Behind Forgotten Eyes").

Congratulations on completing the film! And good luck!


The first segregation

Foucault thinks the response of the body politic to the body's chaos is segregation. This is binary branding: normal/abnormal.

Lepers being the first identified and excluded according to records of individualization.

All we really want is control

Wondering what the weather is going to be?

Lost eggs



is right.

Death of taxes

Internet taxation is the way of the future...but if states are allowed to tax different things at different levels, how is anyone ever going to keep track of this?

And if I'm forced to pay California's highest state sales tax when I make a purchase from Delaware over eBay, consider the west coast boycotted.

An easy solution: standardize sales taxes across the states...

BUT that undermines one of the fundamental sources of state sovereignty in our federal system. There must be another way...

Sure there is! There are two, actually.

1) The federal government creates a standard Internet Sales Tax...that means all the cash from every transaction goes to the Fed, who then reapportions it to the states as they see fit (somebody has to pay for those earmarks, right?).


2) Just like the app that calculates postage, create an application that calculates sales tax based on the state of the seller before finalizing the purchase. Since sales from states with higher sales taxes will suffer from loss of sales, the market will eventually drive down the sales taxes to mirror the percentages of other states. Or their overall income will suffer (and probably only a little less than asking people to pay those taxes voluntarily).

I love you IRL


Simon says

"What's the second law of thermodynamics?"

"You can keep shitting down my throat, but you'll never pull food out of my ass."


Simon says

"Hi! Want to hear all about my trip to Seattle, subsequent break-up, and why i need $1000 right now or else i'm fucked? Oh. Well, wanna hang out anyway?"

Even Simon himself barely does justice to the humorous stylings of Simon.


We're so f^@ked

Or not.

It seems that doctors have now linked throat cancer to oral sex, and maybe even kissing.

Ultimately, there are two options: sex and death, or just death.

Suck on that one for a while.

Get your own

The perfect gift for every man.


Eat my meat

Isn't that the idea?

And, on the other hand, maybe don't.


Thru you tube

Thanks to alert reader Catherine Satterlee - a huge Bernard Purdie fan.

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