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The terminator gene

It's funny, I was scrolling through some of my much older posts, back when I was still angry enough to care about stuff like politics and all the wrong, wrong shit that some people feel they can perpetrate on others. So I have to laugh when I feel the same virulent horror and detest for something in the middle of a fairly vapid teenage spy story.

I refer, of course, to Alex Rider. Certainly my favorite spy books (Fleming's not-really-veiled insecurity and misogyny just didn't do it for me...Sean Connery made that character relatable, but that's another bar fight), and coming to be one of my favorite teen series, period. Sorry, Twilight.

Anyway, I've been burning through these books, and just hit the lead-in to the main premise of Alex's next mission in "Crocodile Tears." And what do I discover, but that Alex will be saving us from genetically modified (GM) foods! A topic that has long been near and dear.


My parents really, really love me

I hesitated posting this link to my parents' new blog, because there's no need for the world to see all those awkward in betweens in which I was not always my best self...but then, the love and admiration evident in this presentation is unquestionable. And truth be told, I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have that (even though I really hate all those fat pictures)!

My parents made an homage for the 12,783rd day of my existence on this planet. Here's a sample:

Seriously, I'd still wear all that.

Reversible Destiny

Power up expectations

You must see this:

Ok I have to pause here and rag on YouTube for a sec...

WHAT?! Your mobile app doesn't support embed codes? How the frak am I supposed to embed your videos into my blog? Weirder, I'm on blogger and there's no way to automatically embed a video from YouTube. Google, I don't know what your twenty percenters are inventing ovah theah, but it ain't what I need.

And really I'm disappointed cause you usually think of these things. End of rag.

And you must hear this:

In the past...