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Spectrum For Sale

For an institution that allocates usage of public air space, the FCC sure sees a lotta dollars.

From Benton's Communications:

After 12 rounds of bidding in the FCC's 700 mHz auction, the FCC reached within striking distance of the $10 billion minimum it needs to raise for the federal treasury and various programs. The total bid on the five blocks of analog spectrum being reclaimed from TV broadcasters in the switch to digital was $8.659 billion. There was one new bid, $3,784 billion, on the so-called C block of spectrum, which can be used for a national wireless network. That pushed the FCC's minimum bid for the next round to $4.294 billion, close to the $4.6 billion that the commission says it must get. Failing to draw a new bid for the tenth round was the D block. That spectrum also can be used for a national network, but it must be shared with first responders and turned over to them in times of emergency. House Telecom Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey (D-MA) on Tuesday called the lack of a bidder discouraging, and said during a Hill hearing that if the D block failed to reach its minimum bid--$1.3 billion--the committee would step in.

[Basically, we're going digital by February, 2009. Broadcaster, be ready.]



[I'd like to note: this subject was forwarded to me on a mass email...and proves to be the reason you should always delete such hogwash. Groundhog Day is actually February 2nd.]

I was just forwarded an eloquently phrased reminder that today, this last Monday of January, 2008, is not only Groundhog day, it's also the State of the Union address.

[As Air America Radio pointed out: "It is an ironic juxtaposition: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication, and the other involves a Groundhog."]

The LAST State of the Union speech for our much-beloved *cough* bullshit *cough* President, George W Bush. In memoriam, I am committing to never write another word about him. He is the past. [Relegated to a byline on the digital cover of the NYTimes, no less.]

But I will post every idiotic picture...


This is not Bush. This is Taivan. He looks like he's handling this well.


Black Guy For President!?!

I've made my decision.

If the US presidential election is really an image contest, and I must be forced to accept the reality of choosing between a douche and a turd, I'm putting my vote down for the black man.

Here's why:

1. None of the potential candidates have, what I perceive as a long-term vision for our country beyond some global ideological-popularity contest. [Yeah, but who cares about them?]

2. If anything is going to move the US forward, it will be confronting the racism, genderism, ageism and vapidity that lies beneath our collective public image. [Only WE believe our own mythology anyway. No one else is buying it.]

3. Hillary, as I've said before, is a Republican in sheep's clothing, which doesn't really matter per se, but it does leave the possibility open that she will act like a rich old white man making policy some time down the road.

What I'd really like to see is a Black man/White woman Democratic ticket. [Now THAT's progress.]


Life On Mars!

You must be kidding me!

As a friend said: "Suuure...And THAT rock looks like a pancreas, but I don't think it is one".


...And Europe Is Ready!

The sky may be falling, but at least the Europeans can handle proactively planning for that eventuality.

And, if they do this right, the EU's economy will expand from the global provision of efficiently-produced, sustainable energy.

If we think dealing with OPEC is uncomfortable, wait until we're dealing with EU Energy Commission. [aka MiniPlenty]

[Img from Gizmodo]


Cookies Before Bed

I've been looking for a copy of this song for a looong time. Please let me know if you find it.

Heath Ledger is dead. [The only actor that could have played Tom Cruise's character in a remake of Legend.]

AND Asian markets rallied today, despite/because of US slips down the recessionary slope.
[Can I just say that cutting rates is probably not going to do much other than buoy investor riskiness, thereby creating more volatility.]

This is why we love this guy:

The Sky Is Falling!

The Fed slashing rates should be no surprise to anyone.

Look at our economic state of affairs:

1) Any national surpluses have been eaten up by the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and massive private capital investments into unsustainable businesses.

2) Shifts in the economy have directed most productive human energy into intangible goods - exchanges of information and consumer services.

3) "Developing" countries throughout the world are squandering their natural resources and traditional economies (where there is a balance of necessities - food, energy - and technologically enabling goods) for absorption into a volatile global economy that can not sustain investment into communication & transportation infrastructures.

Before the opening of the NYSE today, the Dow Jones was down about 500 points from drops in markets all over the world. They had to do something.

In a frighteningly parallel universe, a similar disillusionment.


The Ultimate Game

Games are a way of life...and maybe death, too.

I was offered a particularly enlightening insight yesterday by one of my colleagues, Dr. Tim Anderson.

Tim said: Chess is the ultimate game narrative. As your skills increase, you go from pushing wood, to being so engaged with the narrative of the game - the story of your moves, and the story of your opponents moves, and the way they relate - that it becomes filled with a richness that goes beyond "play."

I wonder if understanding chess is like living in a zen state - where the motives, moves, and conflicts open into something more like a dance; a series of ritualistic movements that tell a story of opening, conflict, and resolution. Just like a three-act story structure.

I wonder, then, if Bobby Fischer got to the point where he could not just see the world around him, but through it, and like so many others, decided to withdraw from it completely. Having seen the polarities of black and white representing the self, him self, he could not digest the disconnection and constant state of war we encourage between these seemingly-opposing positions.

Death, is of course, the ultimate resolution.

Three fascinating documentary segments that I wasn't allowed to embed: One, Two, Three.


Money For Nothing

Sun just paid $1,000,000,000.00 for MySQL. [And they look happy!]That's 1 BILLION smackers for a free, open source software.

Hey, Sun, I've got a really nice bridge for sale...


Julian Dibbell Believes

I've recently had an opportunity to look into some of the basics of copyright law, and I have to respect a man who completely ignores the institutionalized expectation that the products of one's mind are limited, original, and must be milked of every cent of their value through something as naive as "property rights".

So, many congratulations to Julian Dibbell, who says "Fuck that!" [I'm paraphrasing.]

[In attempt to find an image that coincides, I discovered this. Now you try to pull one!]


Facebook - Spawn of the Devil?



OK, back in action...

No! Not another connection to Facebook. It's making me think there's a gate to hell joke somewhere in there. At least I'm not the only hater.

I think "banking meltdown" is a little sensational, but it is true that SL has chosen to open the door to government regulation. Is this a good thing?

[A funny thing happened on the way to the SL site. I landed here, due to a keystroke error.]


I Told You So

All y'all who thought Barack would win in New Hampshire...


Really? Barack? In New Hampshire?

I still wish Hillary would run as a Republican and bring balance to the force.

In the past...