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Slender Man

So, late as usual, but here's this story Slender Man, told over a series of youtube vids.

Each one is not very interesting

But I keep watching

To see if something is going to happen

Still waiting

But there's a whole lot more....


Fear is the word

I can't remember how to write html and it's only been a week. is this correct?
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This is a reference image for the game we are currently developing. It has nothing to do with Britney Spears.

What I was going to link to, or reference - and hence the name of the title above - was this article.

Social networks and kids: How young is too young?

This begs the question: What about social networking sites is age-related? It is a tool - will we need a surfing license?

And, if something about a piece of software is "inappropriate for children", what might that be?

Sounds to me like people are the problem. Restricting children is not the problem. Clearly, the problem is us. We are the sickos and perverts and wild, anti-social elements that are out there, ready to prey on some poor, small being that - like we ourselves - is not at all sure what we are really capable of.


Fear is the word that excuses us from being accountable. When we say we are afraid of something, we let it live in the un-confronted dark of our own consciousness. And we have an inkling of the vicious and perverse things that we are - to a wo/man - capable of doing. So we put it "out there" on those un-named and un-confronted "dangerous elements" in society, where all the bad shit happens to our kids.

Do we really think we can protect them by keeping them in the dark?

In the past...