best when viewed in low light


11 Madison Park

Just ate the most exquisite meal, and met/watched these two in action.

Represent! Represent-sent!

Ils sont extraordinaire.


Dildo/Pussy Thrower

Sometimes I come across a term that is absolutely perfect for an application other than its originally intended usage.

I submit two such terms for your review, Dear Reader:

1. Dildo (noun) - A man who's only redeeming qualities are a pulse and an erect penis. As in: "He's gorgeous, but that guy is a dildo."

You may find the Dildo referring to himself as a "player" (or, more harshly "womanizer," for those of the hetero persuasion) but we find that this gives too much credit to his ability to instigate casual sexual interactions. Truly, this is the guy that admirers will speak of in harsh terms, except where his availability and virility are concerned. Typically, he is found to have few positive personality traits.

2. Pussy Thrower (noun) - A woman who pursues any and every technique for making herself sexually available to a desirable male. As in: "I was at the bar with my date, and this girl I *thought* was my friend came over and totally tried to steal him...she's such a Pussy Thrower."

We find the Pussy Thrower most often in situations where there is one sexually desirable male, and multiple women who may be interested in bedding said male. The Pussy Thrower is the girl who will stay longest at the bar/party/wedding reception in the hopes that her patience will pay off. She is also likely to behave in the most overtly sexual ways in a group of women to be confident that she is the only one absorbing the lecherous attentions of the one (or more) male(s) in the surrounding area.


Super Mario Bros can make even Converse cool

I hate Converse shoes...but I can't hate these.

It probably goes without saying that Super Mario Brothers is the best game ever made, and given how many posts I have tallied with some SMB remix, my personal favorite.


Tres sauvage

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Dan Savage
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the problem with what dan savage believes about straight women - and what they should or should not expect from men with respect to sex - is that he assumes straight women want sex less than men. we've all been trained to believe that it is evolution, based on physiology, that has determined we women should desire safety or resources over sex.

but let's get real about the sexual economy. men desire sex above all else, and they've teamed up to provide women with every possible disincentive to offer it freely. this is what makes a patriarchy possible - because only with a rare supply of p_ssy can men compete for resources and thus enforce a hierarchy of status, partly based on their access to that p_ssy... which they pay for by amassing piles of disposable materials.

it's not that we desire sex less than men, it's that - for straight women at least - we don't want to suffer the consequences of acting on our constant, intense desire for it. I mean really. imagine (assuming you have a penis and testicles) if you could have a wave of orgasms increasing in intensity and varying in duration from several seconds to several minutes, without stopping. would you want to do that a lot? or better: why wouldn't you?

so men create this fantasy of an instinctual chastity in women so they don't have to actually satisfy that profound and endless desire. it's understandably intimidating. and goodness! what if all women acted on it?! the universal distribution of p_ssy would keep us all so busy! who needs to kill someone when you can lie around and f@%k again?

I don't really listen to/read dan savage, but I've heard what he's said secondhand from reliable sources and he seems pretty clued in. but on this point he has - like most (gay) men - missed the essential nature of womanhood by presuming that the paternal projection of woman is accurate. truly, it's a sad caricature of what people with p_ssies actually are.

but the mistake is not essentially his - this began with the murdering of the fertility worshipping matriarchy and destruction of every vestige of that cultural heritage in a methodical and violent manner. and now we all precipitate it. so in no way do I mean to vilify savage - he's a progressive voice in a frighteningly stifled society. but if EVEN HE believes that straight women just need to accept the consequences of the male libido with respect to monogamous commitments, and make no mention of a woman's right to demand the same acceptance...then we're all f@%ked (in the head).


Best work I've seen in a while

Canada National Parks centennial worship project


It's about time

Mom and Dad are back from La Biennale and raved about Christian Marclay's The Clock.

Like a Douglas Gordon, it takes a really simple idea and makes it utterly transfixing. But until I can get this on my laptop/iphone/etc as a real time-keeper...I just wouldn't call it "art."

Save that discussion for another time

In the past...