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SPOM: The Spirit of Cycling, Alex Moulton

Yet another nugget of awesomeness from Mom:

Alex Moulton, Creator of Quirky Small-Wheeled Bike

Mr. Moulton wrote in the mid-1990s, in a pamphlet titled “The Moulton Bicycle: The World’s Most Efficient Form of Transport.”
“The contrast in the activity of motoring and cycling could not be more profound,” he continued. “The driver, who sits in a low, enclosed, air-conditioned environment or ‘cage,’ is only sensually and nervously involved and is isolated from the surroundings; whereas the cyclist, with a high sightline and in the open air, is physically involved, and proceeds in that miraculous way entirely by his or her own effort of health-giving exercise, with nervous relaxation and spiritual uplift even!” 

I couldn't have said it better myself

In the past...