best when viewed in low light


ICB on Lost "star" underage bride


Let's translate this "controversy" into reality:

He's 51 and FLAMINGLY GAY but trying to hide it (I don't know why, I thought you had to be gay in Hollywood).

She's 23, has some of the biggest fake boobs I've ever seen, and wants to be famous but not in porn (again, I don't know why, she looks really well suited for porn).

Both of them are trying hard to combat oblivion - then again, maybe that is a match made in Hollywood "heaven."


SPOM: Throw it Away

Well hello there, Ms. Abbey Lincoln!



I've been all in a tizzy for a little over a year now because I don't know where I belong.

It's one of those low-level, bassline thoughts that dictates the rhythm of life - you have those too?

Until I graduated from my masters program, I knew exactly what I was doing, where I was going. Defined completely by what I wanted to know and do.

Well, now I know I don't know much about anything. Almost nothing about what I want. Less about who I am and what I should do.

This internal debate is embodied in the DC v NYC debacle: Stay or move? Stay put or stay away? Go home, go back, go beyond?

Really, it's all about knowing and being known.

The gritty, hostile and raw anonymity is what drew me to new york - becoming known in a place where no one knows anyone. It's the dream of all transplants.

The gritty, hostile and raw reality of who I am drove me from DC - being known in the place where I know everyone. I had to escape!

But now I know that new york isn't as gritty and raw as I'd imagined. And for those that know me - well, so much for anonymity! Purple pants indeed!

Now something is driving me home. I want to be known. I want to know myself better, and I think maybe being with the people who know me best is the way I want to be defined.

So I think I least this one thing.


TV is a bad word

I don't know why I'm watching this. I know how expertly manipulated I am, and I actually enjoy submitting to the emotional onslaught.

Does every town have a Showtime at the Apollo style weekly amateur performance run-off? Sh-t, I feel like you could do this every night and-if people were in the habit of leaving their screens for entertainment and social interaction-pack the house!

I like pretending that it's all real, even if it is overly and overtly produced.


I didn't know Bo

until today. Clearly I don't spend enough time on the internet.

F#@K bike lanes

Sexual energy

Occurred to me, watching last night's Colbert, that there are hilarious gender dynamics playing out in the search for/acquisition of fuel energy.

Natural gas extraction through hydraulic fracking

Offshore drilling

Mountain top removal mining


Solar panels

Wind & water turbines


You get the idea, yes?

In the past...