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More links from the weirdos I know:

The latest stats on virtual world gaming

Some guy's hunch about the false promise of a Google 3D social networking environment

Ah, the great divide of virtual/real property (arguably, a virtual reality in itself)

Raph's strategy for distinguishing between the two

Is this what they mean by convergence? [Hope not]

Games are good for girls!

Virtual museums to stratify your virtual appreciation for virtual art

Fat camp for gamers

Check it out! We can make games crazier than we are!

I love mainstream media articles about gaming, it's so romantic. Here's one on Liverpool in SL - because who wants to go to Liverpool for real? [jk]

A few words on evolutionary psychology: genetic shopping? a mother's love is altruistic?

Video from TED: Dan Dennett talks universal memes

And a little "whoa!"

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