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Black Guy For President!?!

I've made my decision.

If the US presidential election is really an image contest, and I must be forced to accept the reality of choosing between a douche and a turd, I'm putting my vote down for the black man.

Here's why:

1. None of the potential candidates have, what I perceive as a long-term vision for our country beyond some global ideological-popularity contest. [Yeah, but who cares about them?]

2. If anything is going to move the US forward, it will be confronting the racism, genderism, ageism and vapidity that lies beneath our collective public image. [Only WE believe our own mythology anyway. No one else is buying it.]

3. Hillary, as I've said before, is a Republican in sheep's clothing, which doesn't really matter per se, but it does leave the possibility open that she will act like a rich old white man making policy some time down the road.

What I'd really like to see is a Black man/White woman Democratic ticket. [Now THAT's progress.]

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