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I wanted media! and that's what I got

Pardon the references...

Time Warner's letting go of AOL and buying better properties, maybe. "We must have networks."

Good luck Leo! In internet terms, AOL isn't just antique, it's irrelevant. And we don't want to use our (grand)mother's internet. On the other hand, those not in the know think that AOL IS the internet! So you've got that going for you.

Hulu, you f@*#ing traitors! It's over. Pay-to-play is a deal-breaker.

Talk about convergence: my nano now shoots video. This is the best thing to happen to user-gen since the internet. Pretty soon you'll see MYtv on youtube - homemade videos of my favorite songs, playlists, memory-connecting like crazy. Welcome back, Steve!

Don't be threatened by the new model, Disney. If you make good movies for kids, we'll all be stuck buying them... unless, of course, you want to make digital streaming easier, smoother, and cheaper than owning. Come to think of it, why do you care about that?

Come up with a NEW story idea, why don't you?! Moving DC Comics into films is just a rehash. And you can pillage stories from anywhere TW.

Broadband is "essential" for new jobs. Well, I could have told you that!

Shit. If you can smoke pot, do coke, write about it, and then become President of the US, what could I possibly put on facebook that will matter "when I grow up"?! Hypocrisy is, possibly, one of the things we'd avoid.

If there's a survey, it must be true: more people are watching tv on the internet.

Truer words... "If operators can make their networks as accessible or nearly as accessible to developers as the iPhone, they will be able to offer their own versions of applications stores."

Fighting for freedom but not getting it. Soldiers get screwed by official policy (again)?

Disney, your ass is getting fat. Or maybe that's just the acquisition of Wideload. Or maybe the acquisition of Wideload is going to make you realize that you aren't the svelte traditional multimedia hub you once were. Or, maybe you'll fit right into those genes.

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