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I want to tango

I am just now recovering [read: making up on all the work I didn't do] from a music/dance-a-thon in Champaign Illinois [I know, right?] with my brother-from-another-mother.

Here's a summary - the BFAM picks me up in Indianapolis [do NOT get me started on the inadequacy of public transportation out here in the heartland] and we get to Champaign.

I find and buy the most glorious batwoman coat.

We go to hear a hypnotic violin & piano recital by the world's hottest violinist.

We after party.

We "work", frequently interspersed with first-spring-days outdoor breaks.

We play video games and eat kobe burgers.

We watch the lamest dance performance ever, no thanks to you Mark Morris. Ugh.

We tango with the world's hottest violinist.

We eat tons of sushi.

We run around outside some more.

We shake our asses at the nightclub. [it's sooo "ultra"]

We attend Indonesian Students Club biannual Culture Night [the BFAM performs in said event].

Here's what I got out of the weekend: a killer coat.
Here's what I want to do A LOT MORE OF: tango!

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