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Books I have on the shelf that I will not be reading

before I leave school, that is:

Whole Life Economics, Barbara Brandt (1995)
Economic Heresies, Joan Robinson (1971)
Creating Alternative Futures, Hazel Henderson (1978)
Exercises in Economic Analysis, Joan Robinson (1960)
Essays in the Theory of Economic Growth, Joan Robinson (1962)
Introduction to the Theory of Employment, Joan Robinson (1939)
Economics of Imperfect Competition, Joan Robinson (1964)
Victory Point, Ed Darack (2009)
American Spartans, James A. Warren (2005)
Marines in the Garden of Eden, Richard S. Lowry (2006)
Metaphors We Live By, George Lakoff & Mark Johnson (1980)
Knowledge Processes in Globally Distributed Contexts, Kotlarsky et al (2008)
The Information Society: Emerging Landscapes, Zietinski et al (2005)
Growing Up Online: Young People and Digital Technologies, Sandra Weber & Shanly Dixon (2007)
Great Business Teams, Howard M. Guttman (2008)
The Laws of War, Michael Howard et al (1994)
High-Speed Society, Hartmut Rosa & William E. Scheuerman (2009)
Hierarchy, Knut M. Rio & Olaf H. Smedal (2009)
Philosophy and Organization, Campbell Jones & Rene ten Bos (2007)
Unpacking Globalization, Linda E. Lucas (2007)
Virtual Organization, Abbe Moshowitz (2002)
Virtual Organizations: Systems and Practices, Camarinha-Matos et al (2005)
Managing Imaginary Organizations, Bo Hedberg et al (2002)
Uncanny Networks, Geert Lovink (2002)
Managing Media Companies: Harnessing Creative Value, Annet Aris & Jacques Bughin (2005)
The Individual in the Changing Workplace, Naswell et al (2008)
Exploring Virtuality Within and Beyond Organizations, Niki Panteli & Mike Chiasson (2008)
Organizational Ethnography, Daniel Neyland (2008)
If You've Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything, Ann Crittenden (2004)

And the books I have read that I will miss...

Virtual Teams, Lipnack & Stamps (1997)
Cartoon History of the United States, Larry Gonick (1991)
The Future of Work, Thomas W. Malone (2004)
Mastering Virtual Teams, Duarte & Snyder (2001)
Women and the Distribution of Wealth, Deere & Doss (2007)
The Experience and Meaning of Work in Women's Lives, Grossman & Chester (1990)
The 51% Minority, Liz Wiehl (2007)
Happiness, Bruno S. Frey (2008)
Feminism, Objectivity & Economics, Julie A. Nelson [I love you Julie! Wooooo!] (1996)
Economics for Humans, Julie A. Nelson [hooooooooo!] (2006)
The Invisible Heart, Nancy Folbre (2001)
Work and Family, Ferber & O'Farrell (1991)
Liberating Economics, Barker & Feiner (2004)
Why Women Mean Business, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox & Allison Maitland (2008)
If Women Counted, Marilyn Waring (1988)
The Endless Day: The Political Economy of Women and Work (1982)
The Sexual Division of Work, Shirely Dex (1985)
Working Mothers, Jean Curtis (1976)
Capitalism and Commerce, Edward W. Younkins (2002)
Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science: The Economic Position of Women (1910)
Valuing Children, Nancy Folbre (2008)
Work in the Lives of Married Women, Proceedings of a Conference on Womanpower (1957)
Enlightened Power, Coughlin et al (2005)
Woman's Worth, Leghorn & Parker (1981)

Sigh. It's a little early to get sentimental, but I'll miss you, carrel.

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  1. Thanks so much! Delighted to see that VIRTUAL TEAMS tops the list of those you will miss! Linking this post to my blog:


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