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Wonder Woman Is Dead!

Thanks, DC Comics. Thanks a lot.

You've basically taken the only morally and intellectually respectable superheroine from your pantheon and tarted her up.

How the fuck am I supposed to take her seriously now?

Not only is she NOT a real goddess, she has some teen romance novel genesis that surely involves exposure to potential rape/molestation and gang violence. Cause now she's gonna be "tough".

You idiots. You keep hiring men to write these stories when the vast majority of male writers have proven time and time again that they have no idea what women are really like.

You know, there are more young women growing up relatively privileged in the suburbs [myself included, without question] than there are girls who are somehow abandoned by their family and grow up fighting off the dangers of the streets. We need idols too.

The Wonder Woman genesis story is what makes her universally relatable. That she chooses to be a fucking badass on the side of good is what makes her admirable. That she fucks up occasionally is what makes her human. And the fact that she does it all in a hot bustier and star spangled shorts makes her a true heroine.

So don't give me some post-modern psychological struggle, I've had enough of that [and I enjoyed Twilight very much, thank you]. Don't give me dark eye make-up and a leather jacket as stand-ins for true mental and physical toughness, I can read Cosmo for that.

I need a heroine. I need to know that there is something greater that is possible, even if only in my imagination. I need a model for myself as a woman that doesn't rely on Freudian fixations or some attempt at compensation for the phallus I lack.

Give me a goddess, or give me death!


This half-assed creative purgatory is too awful to endure.


Fine, I'll give it a try. But it's not looking promising.

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