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Dear Content Distributors, this is what we want

[via Megaphone...]

"To FB friends - what do you do for internet TV?

"Trying to cut the TV cable, now use Netflix, Hulu+, and direct links to media websites (PBS, ABC, etc.). Don't currently have special hardware: internet-savvy TV, Apple TV, Roku.

"Want: a la carte programming, and minimal (or no) commercials. My wife would like to watch near real time if possible. Free is cool but will pay a reasonable fee for the above


As a matter of fact, sir, I DO have an idea.

Content owners - currently all you News Corps & Viacoms out there - charge a tiered subscription to ALL your content, ALL the time, with varying prices for multiple points of delivery (if, say, you want to be able to watch a la carte TV as well as stream from the internets).

No backing up
No permanent file transfers
No limitations

Also, while we're discussing this:

Movie theaters, stop worrying so much about NEW movies. You should be licensing OLD movies to replay on the big screen. In fact, open your websites up to popular demand. Play what people want to see...

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