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Here's how to preserve disappointing stereotypes

Hollywood heroines: Here to stay?

I'm so isolated in an imaginary world that I rarely read "professional" articles in my industry. I guess this is why: this man, who--with all due respect--has been a great success in the gaming industry shares knowledge that, intentionally or no, preserves the lame assumptions and low standards we set for media aimed at girls and women.

Why tween girls aren't playing your games

"So, what makes these girls tick, and what will get them playing your games? Here are some insights on how to create games that tween girls will love…
Understand the psychology: An informed approach to developing for this audience means understanding tween girls’ behavior and what motivates them. Between the ages of 8 and 12, girls are just starting to become aware of and experiment with their appearance, which explains why beauty and dress-up games reign supreme. They’re also interested in imagining and acting out their future lives, making role-playing games a great fit — particularly those that enable them to try various jobs on for size, like playing veterinarian or head chef. Self-expression is another hallmark of this demographic, making personality quizzes and creation games especially popular."

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