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the milk of human kindness...or whatever flows in your veins

in stark contrast to Stephen's new portfolio site...

I love Louie C.K. He makes me feel kind of ok about being a shitty, hypocritical, unethical, irresponsible, lazy, self-indulgent, disconnected, angry, lonely, selfish, masochistic human. But only in the most momentary way...because by mid-laugh I find myself on a mental tangent going...

What is wrong with me? with us? that we stay apart from each other as much as possible. what injury hit me so deep that i just assume that other people will be cruel, indifferent, violent, inconsiderate, thoughtless, evasive, vindictive, and jealous with me? so i can justify my desire for isolation.

or, can i, can we, go confidently into the light with our shitty selves and ask for forgiveness, love, compassion, patience, admiration, acceptance, and connection? because Louie makes me feel all those things are possible, too, and that is what is so glorious about his humor.

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