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Need More Women

Absolutely right, Matthew Jeffrey! We need more women in gaming.

And, in case you're looking for a woman to work at EA, I'm available.

But you'll have to improve your IP policies and your reputation as a gaming sweat shop before any self-respecting female gamer/designer is going to step through your door.

It ain't all about having free Mountain Dew in the office.

While we're on the topic of the representation of females in the gaming industry, the issue of breast size seems to have caught everyone's attention. [Any more than it already does?]

Kotaku takes the prize for best title ("Mammarial Musing: Boobs as Driving Force in Games Development") in referring to the evolution of the breast in video game rendering.

I seem to have lost the link to the article that spurred the recent conversation [unfortunate] but the real deal is that, as a woman, I LIKE playing with hot girls. I mean, if I have to look at a woman on the screen, I'd rather that she look hot while kicking your pathetic nerd ass. It's not just a male fantasy.

And let me broach an unfortunate but truly controversial issue: hot women are more valued by men, and because men are the ones in charge right now [or, at least, we'd like to keep you thinking that you are because you're a lot easier to deal with that way] so do women.

And the other side of it: Ever seen a man interact with a hot woman? Y'know how his eyes glaze over and he loses all rational thought? Yeah? Well, we do that on purpose. And, if you think that isn't fair, let's put it this way -

If you're going to use your superior physical force to make us do what you want, then we're going to use our pussies for all they're worth. You want us, you need us, and if you're distracted by big boobs [or a big ass, small waist, dainty ears, thin fingers, painted toes...], so much the better. Easier for us to pwn your ass.

In case you haven't seen enough:

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