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Blue brain

As in...

"My brain strains so hard to understand what the implications of a virtual organic system actually are that it has turned blue."

But what's wicked is that someone actually made a fake brain that "acts" like a real brain.

Imagine the computing power?!

Then again, imagine what we could do if we knew how to harness our own brains like that?!

This is what really trips me out about our culture: We don't understand ourselves, so we seek to create external models that we can control. One might think that this allows us to see ourselves reflected in these models, but what it really does is relieve us of the responsibility of coming to a better, or more thorough, understanding. And then, of course, control is the problem. Since we don't know ourselves, we can't control ourselves, and so the models simply confuse us - making understanding harder to reach and control a continuing figment of our arrogance and projection.

Ta da!

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