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Sarah, is it true?

The following quote, which was pulled from a longer breakdown of the current status of Sarah Palin (thanks NPR), doesn't sound to me much like a social conservative:

"But she has also, correct me if I'm wrong, taken on her own party Establishment and been elected as the youngest and first lady Governor of the largest and most beautiful state in the union, raised taxes on oil companies and created a state budget surplus, which she gave back to Alaskans. Her first veto in office was a bill that would deny gay couples health benefits (and you know how those lesbians love Alaskan Cruises. Good call, Sarah!). She appointed a pro choice member of Planned Parenthood to the Alaskan Supreme Court in favor of a bible humping Fundie Blowhard, and she supports funding Head Start. She is, contrary to popular belief, pro-contraception, and has said so many times. She is a Feminist. Her husband is an Eskimo Union man who owns a commercial fisherman business. She is personally socially Conservative, but based on her performance as Governor, does not use her office to inflict those beliefs on her constituents. She has stated that she believes in Science and Evolution. In fact, her father was a Science Teacher and track coach, and her mother was a school librarian, so she likes books too."

Whoever "Littleisis" is, I hope she's right about these things. I'd love to see some rationality strike the actions of the Republicans (who, socially conservative as they might personally be, oughtta get with the times and stop legislating other people's right to choose right out from under them) even if only accidentally.

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