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html riddles

Here are the instructions given on the opening page:

So. Glad you could make it. Let's go over some rules, shall we?

1. This isn't a puzzle, per se. It's actually a series of puzzles. Some will be obvious right away, some will be not so obvious... Most of the levels' challenge really relies on what kind of thinker you are. Do not get discouraged; these are supposed to be challenging.

2. No spoilers. If you've beaten a level, and you're talking to someone who hasn't, don't go and tell them how to beat it. It's no fun for the people who haven't beaten it yet to be told the answer. In that same vein, it's against the rules to go looking for spoilers. It's much more satisfying to get the answers yourself.

3. Most of the time, the answer will replace the part of the URL just before the .html. You are going to want to put .html after every answer, or else you may not get the page you're looking for.

4. Sometimes you will need outside knowledge to beat a level... I try to keep things untechnical, but in a game like this, some situations are unavoidable. It is recommended that in another tab/window, you keep open your favorite search engine, so you can go find the knowledge you need.

5. No spoilers. Seriously.

6. Try having fun at this. All the levels are fair. If you find the answer, it will be quite obvious that you got the answer. Guessing wildly really doesn't help at all.

7. If you're ready to start, then go ahead. Don't get frustrated... Sometimes the answers are just waiting in the dark.

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