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If we're lucky, we can discard the paper part of a magazine completely

Personally, I think magazines that are excited about digital readers are missing the point, but it is interesting to note that they are actually planning for a future without paper.

There's always a trade-off, though. And I have some questions...

Is the magazine reading demographic likely to have the first generation, full-color, networked readers?
What generation WILL they have?
How many years out should magazines be planning their content now?
Should they be filming beauty videos and street interviews about the "latest fashions" for fall 2012?
How will the formula evolve? Will the entire magazine become a 100-word fluff piece?
Will magazines like Harper's or The Atlantic or Foreign Affairs even exist in a digital format? Will they survive.. what with their 3000 word, in-depth articles?
How will magazines with an existing web presence integrate with a digital version? Will a single output bring more eyeballs that a cross-media strategy?

Perhaps even more relevant to the digital magazine question is: Is it still a magazine?

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