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Today I deactivated my facebook account, and I feel like my life became instantly more real, more tangible.

Just afterwards, I culled my phone's contact list... It is liberating.

I did, however, have a moment of "Oh no! What if I can't get in touch with...?" or "What if someone can't find me?"

And then I realized that the answer to those questions doesn't matter.

The universe brings you into contact with so many people. So few of them turn out to be meaningful or significant. And those that do...well, facebook isn't the medium for those connections.

Just the other day I was talking to my BFAM, discussing the relative merits of the intensity of my personal relationships with people. (The short version is: I demand a lot, and I want to be demanded of A LOT more.) And even though I know that in the eyes of many others, my quotidian operating level requires too much energy/honesty/presence, the truth is that I don't even want to scale it back! Even though I feel lonely a lot, and even though I sometimes wish I was able to have lower-level interactions, I'd only be cheating myself if I did.

The people that care about me will find a way to be in touch - whether that's for personal or professional reasons. And the people that I care about...well, you know who you are, because I ACT LIKE I CARE!

Here's to restoring the real meaning of "friend"!

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