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You know why fashion sucks? Because it's about dictating to other people what is beautiful or flattering or sexy or desirable. And really, wtf does anybody else know about what makes you feel beautiful or fit or sexy or desired? Or for that matter, what does anybody else know about what makes you look beautiful or fit or sexy or desired?

STYLE is another animal entirely. It is as much internal as it is external. It is as much about who you are as it is about what you wear.

Funny thing about style, though, is you can tell on first glance when someone has it. It doesn't even matter what they're wearing, because you can tell they feel confident and comfortable in whatever they've chosen...

Maybe that's the nugget: fashion is about accepting other people's choices; style is about making your own.

One of my favorite blogs in the whole world -- Advanced Style -- is a perfect illustration of what I mean.

Also, I'd totally wear that!
Fanny Karst Trouble in Paradise collection, 2012

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