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There's a reason why they call him "The Genius"...

Can't wait to hear GZA's forthcoming albums: Dark Matter (inspired by the universe), Liquid Swords 1.5 (yeah, that's right, the awesome original revised with a live band), and then a water-world collaboration with marine biologists, including Phillippe Cousteau!

Personally, I think "Pro Tools" got slept on... but I'm thrilled to see that GZA's got a whole line-up of inspiration coming our way. And it frustrates me that space, or science, or anything that makes up the awesomeness of existence should be relegated to some second-place, as if the discussion of tits and cash is more enlightening/relevant/inspiring/accessible to "the audience."


If we continue to hold low expectations for ourselves, can we expect anything but mediocrity?

(I'm obsessed with Gordon Ramsey and his portfolio of reality shows. I think people want to be pushed towards greatness, but we lack the discipline to demand it of ourselves...hence the drive towards mediocrity, where we don't have to work hard to meet expectations, especially our own!)

My boyfriend (aka Fuzzykins McGrath), asked me this morning if GZA ever pictured himself in the Wall Street Journal, or lecturing at Harvard or meeting with MIT professors. I think not...literally. But if he didn't picture himself in the stratosphere, how did he keep making the choices that would lead him to those people and places?

Reach for the stars, right?

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