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I'll Break Your Face Like A Glass Ceiling

My favorite thing to destroy are excuses. Lame ones especially. [My own included.]

When someone presents biological gender differentiation as a reason for inequality - in political representation, math scores, physical prowess, whatever - and leaves it, hanging there, like nothing needs to be said or done...I HATE that.

Cause you know what that is? That's a lame excuse.

What do you do when you're not as good at something as you'd like to be? You fucking work at it!

If we as a society notice that there are big gaps between men and women, black and white, short and tall -- all those things that are biologically determined, and which we as individuals can't control -- that's when it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to do something about the inequity that is often the result of those differences. And when we don't do something about it, that is us just being lazy, and satisfied with something less than our full potential.

That sucks for everyone.

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  1. My favorite art. Ever. For you.


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