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KZero Insight

This map of "virtual world" communities created by the marketing research firm KZero really pissed off the SWI.
Here's some of what they had to say about it:

EC: i don't see WoW on the chart. fascinating how blind serious professional people are to immersive gaming for adults. the reality - that WoW might change our world more than SL - is too threatening to believe. its like the looming bankruptcy in the social security system. if we believe it is really going to happen, we'll have to do something major right now. so instead we choose to ignore it. (and btw, fire the consultants.)

MF: WoW or any other game are never on any KZero research. I wonder if they're doing simliar research for "game worlds" or if they're just ignoring anything thats a major mmo altogether. What is the link? They've got hello kitty mmo on there - wont that be an MMO?

EC: [MF] you don't understand. games are for kids. adults don't play games. so, webkinz is in there. but LOTRO - - see, that's an activity for adults, and adults only do serious things. and those 500,000 Conan players and 9 million WoW players are just weird hobbyists and geeks, they don't count. only kids play games. glad i could straighten you out on that misconception there.

EC: i wish i could be alive in 2100 to see the extent to which people of this era misunderstood how virtual reality was really going to be used.

MB: Tell you one thing it is unlikely KZero will be around either.

TR: Fixed!

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