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If Women Counted

Almost a generation ago now, feminism was not a dirty word as it is today, but a threat: and not a threat to men or to women, but a threat to the status quo.

And since that time it has been buried under the same hyperbole that has buried civil rights movements (same-sex marriage, anyone?), environmental responsibility (now it's "energy policy" and "national security"), and government regulations (the Reds are coming, the Reds are coming!).

But in 1988, Marilyn Waring turned a revelation - economics, that stately and most mature of "sciences" was only seeing half the glass - into a book, stating her case for the logical conclusion: include the feminine half of humanity in your world-view, and you get the whole picture.

In her words: "If Women Counted is not preoccupied with debating economics with men. If my desire was to establish my own credibility within the male world, then I would make those ritual bows. But while women may not be visible to the governing ideology of the world, I do not see why we need to mimic its standards or methods to make ourselves understood or heard."

[Suck on that tit!]

The totally unimpressive, yet totally legendary Marilyn.

[That's right, girl, give us your best "Who, me?!"]

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