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Media models get a clue...perhaps

Let's hope that the study of media is slower than the people working behind the scenes, because if it isn't obvious by now, hybrid business models are going to spank you some time soon.

As we've seen over the past few years, the convergence of content and the concurrent usage of media consumers mean only one thing: the more ways you can make a little money, the more ways you'll survive the decline in traditional media models.

And it's not just about opening more content, or putting advertising on the web. If we look at the trends in industry and regulation from the history of media proliferation, we can see that DELIVERY is not the way to make money. And that means that eventually subsidies and smart infrastructure investment will have to take over the management of the wired and wireless networks.

And that means that the companies that rely on hoarding access will eventually become content providers, regulated monopolies, or extinct.

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