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HBR: Holistic capitalism is not your idea!

Listen, HBR, as awesome as you are, you are always like 10 years behind innovative thinking.

So when I read your articles, or watch your videos, I am always thinking to myself: "Duh! Thanks for pointing out the obvious."

In this particular line of thought - the idea that capitalism is a malleable system, to which no values are permanently affixed, and which can, therefore, be adapted to suit any set of political, environmental, or social parameters/beliefs/values - you are SO far behind that I can only see rage.

And here's why: The non-Harvard people that already thought of this are outsiders - in the fields of economics, philosophy, political science, sociology - and, because of this, do not get the same credibility or authority attached to their equally brilliant (and vastly more forward-thinking) approach.

Frustrating as this is, of course, I have to give you props: Without you, no one will EVER believe it's all possible.

Put an old white dude in front of a camera, though, and suddenly humanitarian capitalism isn't a unicorn any more.

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