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iPorn: Apple's (understandable, but still) hypocrisy

I have a hard time swallowing Apple's anti-pornography restrictions - even though I understand why, as a global corporation, they would make that choice.

But I think back to the philosophy that lead "Apple" to adopt its knowledge-of-the-forbidden-fruit iconography and brand identity, and I wonder why they would choose such a Puritanical and frigid policy with their (okay, so they're not exactly "warm and fuzzy", but they are very) personal computers.

As in all cases where profit overwhelms every other value, I call bullshit on you, Apple.

Plus, iWanna iPleasemyselfwithmy iPad. Who doesn't?

Playboy to Offer Uncensored Version on iPad

Jan 19, 2011

-By Lucia Moses

Hugh Hefner caused a flurry of confusion today when he tweeted that Playboy would be available in uncensored form on the iPad. The tweet led some observers to wonder how Playboy was pulling this off, given Apple’s ban on nudity in the iTunes store.

So how is Playboy skirting the ban? The subscription service to past and present issues that Playboy is planning will be accessed through the Web (Apple hasn’t figured out a way to restrict that yet), not the iTunes store, where Apple has been strict—if not always consistent—about allowing adult content. Playboy said the service, set to be released in March, will be available via browsers and will be iPad-compatible.

As for the iTunes store, Playboy has an app in the works that will contain no nudity, in keeping with Apple’s rules, that it plans to release in the coming months. It currently sells a no-nudity preview of the current issue on the iPhone.

“Apple’s very strict,” a rep for the magazine said. “Our app doesn’t have any nudity in it.”

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