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I'm coming out Republican

On the day that the Republican-majority Congress of 2011 takes over, I'd like to declare myself.

I am a registered Republican.

I am a believer in Republican values: small federal government, strong state-level regulation, economic freedom, limited governmental intrusion in individual life choices...

The funny thing is, I haven't seen a Republican who acts on those values in my 33 years on this planet.

I'm looking for a philosophical revolution in the Republican party. I can't be the only one. And I do not believe that the loudest voices - which represent archaic, pseudo-traditionalist worldviews - are the most representative.


How has the "small federal government" party created Homeland Security?

How did the "strong state-level regulation" philosophy birth No Child Left Behind?

How did "economic freedom" translate into nationalizing and subsidizing failing corporations?

How does "limited governmental intrusion in individual life choices" become anti-gay marriage or DADT?

These are not the policies of a conservative philosophy.

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