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Church vans

Like any religious white 30 something in New York City, i get up Sunday morning and ride my bicycle along 9W to Nyack.

Leaving my Bed Stuy neighborhood, I see a lot of Black Church Vans, going around and - I presume - shuttling tons of Black people to and from church. And I'm all for that.

As long as what they're teaching Black people in church are practical strategies for overthrowing the absolutist (primarily white) patriarchy...because if they're not, I feel like they're really not doing their jobs!

[Damn! I was going somewhere with this... I had this down perfectly this morning. It was going to be my first "bit" - which I would presumably perform on some stand-up open mic disaster in the near future... got some work to do on that one. There's another good one that I can't remember the content of, just that I had it filed in my mind as "the why i'm always single" bit. Curses...!]

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