best when viewed in low light


Props: Bear Mountain!

Way to go, grrrl!

"20th! I rode as well as I could've hoped. It was a dark foggy wet morning.
I got dropped on the first climb(it was like 3 miles)-had it not been for my asth-mar and all the wheezing, i'd've gotten on to the back . Legs were feeling strongish. Ended up forming a foursome and "reverse pace lining" (new to me) for fifteen HARD miles. The group ended up splintering and I finished the last 5 miles or so on my own. Lonely. The fog was so thick I thought I'd lost touch with the course entirely. Eventually the shadowy tent of the finish line appeared through my squinty saturated eyelashes. I put the hammer on once more to look strong for all the eager onlookers and photographers.

they pulled like 13 people right out because they got too far back. I felt good about my result. It was a 3/4 race for one thing...
Think it was the hardest I ever rode. Was fun!"

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