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Amazing! Season ?? of the Bachelor

Planning has begun for my BFAM's bach, and as if the mood was in the air, last week saw the launch of this season of the Bachelor. Hearts aflutter.

I (not so secretly) love this show. I'm not sure whether it's the addictive pulse of quick emotional highs and lows, or the superb editing and evolution of the show's format over time. Needless to say, I'd buy a round for Chris Harrison and the production team of that show any time.

When I first saw Tila Tequila's Shot at Love oh so many years ago, I was bowled over by her mirroring abilities. How was this robo-human capable of masking and mimicking others' feelings so expertly? And, I assume, consciously?

Despite the likelihood of making us both asses, I also assume that each season's Bach and Bachette are initiated into the...shall we say...storytelling aspects of the "reality." I know they have rules to follow - it couldn't be a game show without them - but it goes beyond that. Their curatorial contribution matters, otherwise we can't get the satisfaction of seeing the poisoners get their comeuppance, or outing the ones who are there "for the wrong reasons," or tearing up when the "right one" is there at the end.

As so eloquently identified by Mr. Kimmel, this season's Sean is "our most sincere Bachelor ever," and he and his pursuers' list of regularly used superlatives is amazingly limited.

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