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Warriors or Redskins?

My parents are resurrecting their inert activists!

As a DC native, I'm a fan of the Washington Redskins, even when they suck because that's what real fans are.

For years there has been talk of changing the name of the team. And I've always had mixed feelings, not because I want to be racist against Native Americans, but because the term "redskin" is so archaic that it doesn't denote insult in its contemporary usage.

But my dad, who's an avid fan and couch philosopher posited this gem: Change the name, but keep the logo--with its iconic native american warrior--the same. And really, what better way to pay homage to the native people of this land than to employ an image of their warriors as a sigil for the warriors of spectacle from our modern day?

Sign the petition to support the Washington Warriors (and save our beloved team logo) here

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