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Tangent...letterpress printing

I've finally settled on a pretty decent business card design. I've abdicated those tricky and critical decisions about job title and what contact info to include by choosing a Victorian calling card style...premature commitment, averted!

But ok, so instead of doing some overblown design or cutie-pie graphics, I'm nerding out big time on the printing process instead. Letterpress, of course. And not only cause it's more beautiful than any digital process, but because...der...that's how the Victorians did it!

I like to get distracted by things I know I'll never do so I don't have to spend time doing all the shitty things that nobody wants to taxes. Here's one sweet way to spend time - taking letterpress classes at The Arm, a community letterpress shop in Brooklyn - and making my cards myself!

Yes! But no, Phoebe, no you're not.

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