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Blondes have more attitude

I've never been a big believer in blonde cliches - that we get more attention, are more desired, or more entitled. And as much as I appreciate a good blonde joke, I've never believed that blondes are dumber than other women. At least, I know I'm not.

Interestingly, according to the findings of a research team at [what I can only assume must be] UCLA, blondes are more aggressive about getting their way. And this was true of natural blondes as well as the fakers.

The unfortunately disturbing part of the study was that much of the conclusions were based on already existing cultural stereotypes about blondes - as they put it:

"They found blondes were used to getting more attention and being treated better by others.
The researchers believe this sense of entitlement is what makes them more willing to "go to war" over an issue."

It is, however, interesting to note how many female world leaders are, or have been, blonde.

Hottie German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Elegant and uncontroversial Queen Beatrix

Severe and ass-kicking Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

The original Queen of Mean Elizabeth I

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