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Happy birthday to me!

My friend Steve is the only person so far who's been unequivocal about the Marines being a good fit for me. I quote:

"honestly I think you would be running the Marine Corps in 5 years! What made you think of that??? You'ld be an exceptional marine, but prepare yourself for HELL! well good luck and keep me posted, hey don't you think your getting a bit old for such a crazy ass move? You could do it though, and I gotta admit a lot of the shit looks awesome, plus you'ld get ripped! I'm pretty sure you have it in you to be a total badass, so I say rock on, maybe you could learn to fly!! dude if you learn to fly you better take my ass up! lata chica, keep rockin with yer badself!"

That, and a little of this

gets me SO pumped.

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