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A wasted money making opportunity

I am shocked and amazed that all of Tiger's sponsors are running for cover, as if the "I fucked my way around the world" image is something they can't support.

Except, Tiger was living the dream! Hot wife, two kids, fame, hotness, and all the groupies he could possibly manage.

The biggest offender of the sponsors has to be Accenture. As a financial management company, it's their JOB to see you through the tough times. And the tough times are when you're a rich guy, you get caught cheating, and your wife - with the moral backing of the mass media and the public - is going to take you to the fucking cleaners. THAT's when you need a good financial adviser!

It's true that Tiger handled himself badly - cell phone calls? voicemail messages? TEXTS?! I mean, the guy was asking to get caught. But abandoning him in his hour of need? Sponsors, you should be ashamed of your short-sightedness and your completely false moral high ground.

This SHOULD have been the new campaign

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