best when viewed in low light


south beach images

[from m&d: "we hope your trip to south beach is everything you want it to be"]

[what you can't really see from this picture is that the round part of the 9 is actually a three quarter circle drawn in black marker over the 7]

[they really had it figured out in the 50s - bottle opener and ashtray in arm's reach from the john]

[cousin Amy is having a baby! ... Waran Bedi was proposed as a solid front runner for names]

[I call this "the Dr. No series"]

[bibb lettuce, gorgonzola, crispy speck and an olive encrusted swordfish steak...YUMMY]

[hi Pharrell!]

[best thing about the's so cool that you feel like a rockstar just walking in. even better, they don't make you feel like you're not]

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