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Don't say it out loud, Becca!

So...due to the flu I only made it through 18 days of my 30 day bikram yoga challenge.

The last week of January or so, my friend Becca suggested we do this challenge some time, and I said, "Great! Let's start Friday!" And we did.

Fifteen days into it, I got flattened by this year's flu, and basically didn't get out of bed for ten days. When I finally went back to bikram, I spent that day sitting and savasing,
then a second day doing as many poses as I could (which topped out at like, 10 of the 26),
and then a third day where I did at least one of each of the poses, but which was SO empowering and unexpected and blissful that it was the best day yet!

I cried in the closing savasana.

Cycling season has started - officially, races begin this weekend - and I barely care anymore. I mean, I said I would do it and I want to do it, but I've been toying around with continuing bikram and I feel incredibly torn.

And secretly, I've been thinking that maybe if I practiced consistently for a couple years, I could actually become a yoga teacher.

And then Becca has to go and say that out loud!

I mean, it's all well and good to have these secret fantasies of other lives that I could maybe live if I went crazy or something. And as long as it stays in my head, it's safe. It's just a fantasy. And I have tons of those.

But then someone - sometimes it's even me - goes and says it out loud and then I feel like I have to do it!


You can't really get too much more badass

[That's Tricia. Hot sweaty pink domina of BYLES.]

So I guess the real question is: How, in practical reality, would I go about doing this?

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