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Damn sexy cycling

Saturday March 26th was the Red Hook Crit (#4).

It wasn't at all what I thought - no potholes, cobblestones, or police - but it was the first time I've ever actually seen a race in person.

I mean, I thought I was going to race for like the past eight months and I hadn't even seen it in action! Preeeposterous.

I can't stress this enough: Now that I have seen it in action, I CAN'T WAIT TO RACE!

And, really, like I've been saying all along: frak road racing, it takes too long...


criterium of the short, cornering track
criterium of the fast-breathing, shoulder-to-shoulder brutality
criterium of crashes, scraped skin and vomiting

I have found my cycling nirvana. Training starts now.


next year!

[point well made, Dave]

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