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New radical republicanism

When it really comes down to it, the Tea Party movement is just what it sounds like: a bunch of catty ladies and surly gentlemen sitting around and bitching about how things aren't how they'd like them to be. Maybe even sometimes over tea.

It's clear that these are universal sentiments, regardless of how different the content of those preferences might be.

I might, for example, be a strong proponent of a parenting stipend paid to an individual guardian who chooses to forego paid labor to stay home and provide primary care to children.

I might, however, believe that care payments or tax subsidies from the government to any individual - regardless of age, occupation, mental or physical ability, public service record, etc - is a perversion of social policy and undermines the country's productivity.

Either way, I'm unhappy.

But since it is irrevocably clear that the Tea Party movement is a fanatical traditionalism burying its' collective head, ostrich-like, in the ground and pretending not to see the inevitable march towards the future, they need a foil.

And with that, I'd like to introduce the Coffee Clatch movement. And, of course, this is just what IT sounds like: young, urban intellectuals and social progressives sitting around bitching about how things aren't how they'd like them to be. Always over coffee or a marijuana cigarette.

Now, how do we get this on CNN?

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