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Problem-Solved: Bikeable Bag(s)

Thanks to caffeine, an imposing deadline, and a really weird night of not enough sleep, I'm having a most productive problem-solving kind of day.

I love those!

I solved a client's layout problem.

AND THEN, even more importantly, I solved my very own bag problem!

The challenge:
Big enough to carry 1 laptop, bikram gear (= 1 sports bra, 1 stretch pant, 1 sm box qtips, 1 shammy), 1 water bottle, 1 pair of bike shoes*, 1 compact shopping bag*
Small enough to carry 1 phone, 1 book, 1 wallet, 1 water bottle, 1 camera*
Minimum water resistance
Straps long enough to criss-cross chest while cycling
Stylish, but unassuming and unencumbered

So, all this time I've been thinking: Where is the one universal bag that can do all this without having a bunch of extra space and/or weight? Where is my magical expanding bag? Where is my Mary Poppins carpet bag?!

LL motherfraking BEAN! THAT'S where!

So, this is what I got (because this magical, stylish, comfortable, lightweight leather, expanding/compacting bag does not exist)!

Ok, NOW I'm working...

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