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Bachelor Update: If you have to ask, the answer's no

I was so fraking bored by the first two episodes of Sean's search for true love on this recently wrapped season of the Bachelor that I haven't seen a single scene since then. Out of curiosity, I kinda watched the finale...

One thing that strikes me as being unquestionably inane about the whole Bachelor premise is that, on the eve of asking someone to marry you, you're so undecided that you need help choosing between two people.

Yeah, it already involves a voluntary suspension of disbelief:
- you can find love in 9 weeks (really, if anything, that's the most believable part)
- you can fall in love with one person while dating several other people
- you can expose your real feelings on TV

But, falling in love with two (or more) people at the same time? Inconceivable!

As the show evolves, I wonder if they'll really need to stick to the original format. The permission phrases, the roses, the elimination another couple seasons, won't the participants know the process so well that they'll self-impose rules and do the work of packaging themselves for a particular role on the show? Frak it! A behind-the-scenes of the Bachelor show is the best spin-off ever!

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