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SPOM: Nicholas, the first

I know I've posted about my grandfather(s) before, but mom has made it an effort to track down proof of Nicholas Satterlee's existence. I'll forget it if I don't put it all somewhere:

This is the sort of touch I recognize as Nick's contribution to modernism - a functional whimsy that invites life, especially nature and beauty, into a building hemmed in by the realities of resource limitations and imminent need.

(although, caveat: I know nothing of DC's modern architecture scene except what I've looked at over the first 20-odd years of my life; I don't know from some blueprint somewhere that he added this piece; I'm going on instinct; also, pretty sure I posted a link to Capitol Park II before)

Grand-pere Satterlee was partners with Chlothiel Woodard Smith for part of his career, and I'll bet anything that a creative partnership with a woman who was an influential architect in the 50s and 60s had its political and personal frustrations. I'm still going to use her name for a character at some point.

(Don't worry Grandpa dear, the fictional Chlothiel will be a real c*nt, too.)

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