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CODE PINK! Disney's City Girl

Offended reader Mama B. Ottergroundie sniffed out the stink of this insult to people with brains via the internet and forwarded it so we can all share in the hilarious horror.

I present to you, Disney's "City Girl". A not-even-scathing-enough article about it appeared in Gothamist, which is really as close as you want to get to the real thing.

Hey, at least you start out as a college grad. That's something, right?

I am fabulous...

SO fabulous, in fact, that the game invites me to spend ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (Best Value!) TO GET GOLD.

Long, long ago, my interest in games was reinvigorated by an article about Second Life (yup, that long ago), in which a player paid over $100,000 ACTUAL POUNDS to purchase an island. Or maybe it was Eve Online...

My point is that Pliny the Elder got it right: value in the form of gold is the first, and worst sin against humanity. I'm not sure whether virtual gold is even a single step beyond that cognitive leap, or the same leap into a different chasm. After all, when the systems of the world collapse, what good is gold?

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